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Challenge: Work Out While You Watch The Game

Challenge: Work Out While You Watch The Game

I created this challenge to support Turner Broadcasting’s coverage of the 2014 NCAA men’s basketball tournament. Each challenge step is pegged to a specific moment or event in the game — halftime, 3-pointers, etc. Advertisements

Challenge: Up Your Omega-3s

Challenge: Up Your Omega-3s

This challenge, which I top-edited (as I did with all Upwave challenges), was pegged to American Heart Month and a partnership with the American Heart Association. This is a good example of the use of embedded images in challenges — an enhancement to the challenge […]

Challenge: Find Your Flow

Challenge: Find Your Flow

This challenge was created in part to support the Corporate Athlete, a professional development program at Turner Broadcasting. The day-long challenge is designed to help users recognize and access “flow” — a state of intense absorption and focus, as conceived by the positive psychologist Mihaly […]

Health News

As an editor at, I led the site’s coverage of clinical trials, medical research, and other consumer health news. I worked closely with the editors at CNN Health (one of’s sister sites) to vet and plan potential stories. In my time as news […]

Health Features

As the news editor at, I also conceived, assigned, and edited feature articles that explored the human-interest side of health and wellness. Like our news coverage, these articles were often picked up by and other syndication partners. Here are some notable examples: Surgery […]

Agile Editorial Workflow

As the managing editor of Upwave, I adapted elements of agile methodology — such as kanban boards and the concept of velocity — to the content team’s planning and workflow. This video provides a peek inside the process:

Sponsored Content & Microsites

As a writer and editor at, one of my key duties was to create (and/or curate), edit, produce, and syndicate content to support sponsored packages and microsites. The topics ranged from chronic diseases (psoriasis, asthma, arthritis) to healthy eating and fitness, and the sponsors […]

Upwave Inspiration Cards

At Upwave, the editorial team collaborated with the marketing team on “inspiration cards” (as we called them), which were used to promote the Upwave brand voice on social media, as well as on the home page. As managing editor I helped shape the tone and […]

Challenge: Improve Eye-Hand Coordination

I created this challenge to accompany an epsiode of the Tim Ferriss Experiment. With the help of custom animated GIFs and illustrations, users are guided through exercises designed to hone the various components of eye-hand coordination, such as peripheral vision and reaction time.

Upwave Challenges

As managing editor, I worked with the Upwave product team and vertical editors to refine and enrich the user experience of our “challenges” — one of Upwave’s core content types.┬áThis video, which features a “Play H.O.R.S.E. With The Pros” challenge that I created to support […]