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Health News

As an editor at, I led the site’s coverage of clinical trials, medical research, and other consumer health news. I worked closely with the editors at CNN Health (one of’s sister sites) to vet and plan potential stories. In my time as news […]

Health Features

As the news editor at, I also conceived, assigned, and edited feature articles that explored the human-interest side of health and wellness. Like our news coverage, these articles were often picked up by and other syndication partners. Here are some notable examples: Surgery […]

Agile Editorial Workflow

As the managing editor of Upwave, I adapted elements of agile methodology — such as kanban boards and the concept of velocity — to the content team’s planning and workflow. This video provides a peek inside the process:

Sponsored Content & Microsites

As a writer and editor at, one of my key duties was to create (and/or curate), edit, produce, and syndicate content to support sponsored packages and microsites. The topics ranged from chronic diseases (psoriasis, asthma, arthritis) to healthy eating and fitness, and the sponsors […]

Upwave Challenges

As managing editor, I worked with the Upwave product team and vertical editors to refine and enrich the user experience of our “challenges” — one of Upwave’s core content types.┬áThis video, which features a “Play H.O.R.S.E. With The Pros” challenge that I created to support […]

Content Strategy: Challenges

In early 2014, I worked closely with Upwave’s executive editor and VP of content to draft a content strategy for our challenges tool. The strategy had three main components: 1) reframe challenges as Upwave’s lead content type, 2) build a community of challenge users on […]

Upwave Editorial Calendar

As one of the first full-time hires on the Upwave content team, I spearheaded the creation of our editorial calendar, which was used by the sales team and shared with content partners such as I designed the format and the look and feel, and […]

Content Strategy: Modular Content

As the managing editor of Upwave, I pitched and outlined a new modular approach to content — inspired by my experience with the Fitness Finder at — that would allow editors to repurpose and combine bite-sized units of content into slideshows and lists.

Fitness Finder

While at, I pitched an idea for a new content-discovery tool to the site’s editor-in-chief and GM. The tool — which had the working title of “Quick Guides” — was designed to surface underutilized content by thematically grouping individual slides from existing slideshows/galleries. This […]

CommonWealth Magazine

For two years, between 2005 and 2007, I wrote the “Town Meeting Monitor” feature in CommonWealth magazine. The goal of the TMM was to explore and explain a statewide issue through the lens of a single Massachusetts town, so each article required several weeks of […]