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Upwave Inspiration Cards

At Upwave, the editorial team collaborated with the marketing team on “inspiration cards” (as we called them), which were used to promote the Upwave brand voice on social media, as well as on the home page. As managing editor I helped shape the tone and […]

Health Madness

As the managing editor of Upwave, I worked with a small team of colleagues from marketing and product to create a “Health Madness” promotion for social media, to support Turner Broadcasting’s coverage of the 2014 NCAA Basketball Tournament. The 16 health buzzwords included in the […]

Upwave Editorial Calendar

As one of the first full-time hires on the Upwave content team, I spearheaded the creation of our editorial calendar, which was used by the sales team and shared with content partners such as I designed the format and the look and feel, and […]

Upwave ‘Gift Cards’

In the run-up to the 2013 holiday season, I pitched a new content type that made use of Upwave’s card-based homepage and landing pages: a two-sided Upwave “gift card” that users could send to each other via email or social media. These cards — inspired […]