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Content Strategy: Challenges

In early 2014, I worked closely with Upwave’s executive editor and VP of content to draft a content strategy for our challenges tool. The strategy had three main components: 1) reframe challenges as Upwave’s lead content type, 2) build a community of challenge users on […]

Upwave ‘Gift Cards’

In the run-up to the 2013 holiday season, I pitched a new content type that made use of Upwave’s card-based homepage and landing pages: a two-sided Upwave “gift card” that users could send to each other via email or social media. These cards — inspired […]

CMS Design & Enhancements

As the managing editor of Upwave, I worked closely with the development team on new products and features, including CMS design and enhancements. I defined requirements and wrote user stories for new CMS features, and created mock-ups in Photoshop to guide the developers. Here are […]

Content Strategy: Modular Content

As the managing editor of Upwave, I pitched and outlined a new modular approach to content — inspired by my experience with the Fitness Finder at — that would allow editors to repurpose and combine bite-sized units of content into slideshows and lists.

Health Hacks

Upwave’s VP of Content conceived a new content content type for Upwave’s card-based home page: snackable, two-sided cards (known as “Health Hacks”) that provide pithy health tips and redirect users to relevant content elsewhere on the site. I designed the mock-ups to guide the product […]

Fitness Finder

While at, I pitched an idea for a new content-discovery tool to the site’s editor-in-chief and GM. The tool — which had the working title of “Quick Guides” — was designed to surface underutilized content by thematically grouping individual slides from existing slideshows/galleries. This […]